Published in Kimble County Since 1882

Sharing Local News and Features

Published in Kimble County
Since 1882

Sharing Local News and Features

The Leading Community-Focused News Source

The Junction Eagle offers a community-minded newspaper. We have been providing relevant local news to residents in Junction, Texas and surrounding counties for more than 140 years.

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Our Goal

We want to be the source that keeps locals in the loop. Our team features stories about the people and events in the communities we serve. Aside from amazing local coverage, we also share relevant information and consistent news stories with the readers through newspaper subscriptions.

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Our general circulation newspaper provides real-time updates of breaking stories. You can rely on us for amber alerts, weather updates, and other important news.

4H State Roundup 2022

1st Place Team Overall
1st place Wool Team
2nd place Mohair Team
Wool individuals
2nd Baylee Plumley
3rd Ragan Leven
11th Pake Sanders
27th Brylee Stewart
40th Lila Pope
Mohair Individuals
1st Baylee Plumley
3rd Ragan Leven
9th Brylee Stewart
15th Lila Pope
17th Pake Sanders
Pictured, from left, are Taryn Titsworth, Pake Sanders, Baylee Plumley, Russell Kott, Lila Pope, Brylee Stewart and Ragan Levien.


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