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Where Can You Find Reliable Real Estate Information?

If you’re buying or selling a house, having access to accurate information is essential. Unfortunately, many popular real estate information sources provide data that is outdated, incomplete or flat-out wrong. Not just slightly off base every once in a while. I mean significantly inaccurate on a regular basis.
What kind of errors are out there?
As a homebuyer, you don’t want to look at homes that aren’t for sale. That’s a waste of time. Yet, on some websites, more than a third of the listed properties are no longer on the market.

A related problem: There are a few sites which do not provide proper picture, which can lead to homebuyers rejecting perfectly good plots, there are many virtual staging software to help the agent. Some sites take seven to nine days to display properties after they’ve been offered for sale. Especially in a seller’s market—where good properties go under contract in a matter of days or even hours—that won’t do.
Finally, on some websites, as much as a quarter of the active listings never appear at all!
If you’re a seller, would you be satisfied with setting an asking price that’s within 20 percent of the true value of your home? Think about how much money you could lose if you price your home 20 percent lower than it’s worth … or how much time you’ll waste while buyer after buyer realizes your house is 20 percent overpriced.
Know who to trust.
Why is there so much unreliable information out there? Some real estate websites cobble together whatever data they can find from whoever is willing to provide it. They don’t have real estate professionals in our local market—or any presence in our local market for that matter. Perhaps their business model prioritizes other goals. Not exactly a recipe for reliable information. But you can find some great options at Black Desert House on certain credible sites.
There is good news, though. There are trusted, dependable sources of information, and they’re not that difficult to find. They’re Texas Realtors.
Whether dealing with a Texas Realtor in person or viewing information on a Texas Realtor’s website, you can be confident that you’re getting the latest, most accurate data and advice.
Texas Realtors get their information directly from our local MLS. They work in our market every day, studying prices and market conditions. Texas Realtors have taken hundreds of hours of classes to get their real estate licenses and keep up with continuing education. And they pledge to abide by a code of professional conduct that goes beyond the minimum requirements of state laws and regulations.
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