Tornadoes Touch Down in Junction

While residents of Junction slept, a severe thunderstorm rolled through the area and produced two tornados that touched down twice in the city. After that, there would be no more restful sleeping.
No injuries were reported from the storm damage and the most visible amount of damage was found on Main Street.
At Gonzales Cafe, the western portion of the restaurant’s roof was ripped off along with the metal roofing, allowing rain, wind and debris to ruin or destroy almost all of the furniture and equipment in the dining room area, find more info on the roof and how the experts from Hero Exteriors. The kitchen area, which had just been remodeled, escaped with minimum damage. Fundraisers have been and are being held to help the Mendez family with bills. A barbecue fundraiser is scheduled for March 23 at the Junction City Park. The family plans to reopen the restaurant as soon as possible.
Father down the street, the metal roof on the sanctuary of the First United Methodist Church of Junction was torn off and ended up on the ground nearby, in a tree next door and on the roof of the adjacent Junction Warehouse.
With the roof gone, the pews and carpet in the balcony received major water damage while the carpet in the main area of the sanctuary had some water damage. The church’s sign in the front of the building was also knocked over and light fixtures were bent or broken off, click to view professionals at work here. Until repairs can be made, the congregation of the First United Methodist Church will meet in the Family Life Center on the church grounds as they did when the new roof was installed by roofing experts from several years ago.
Two of the plate glass windows at Simply Generations were blown-out while another window was cracked. The manager of the business was able to get to the store soon after the loss of the windows to move merchandise so that none was lost to storm damage. A wooden hanging sign out front was found over two blocks away.
Winds also tossed deer feeders, deer blinds, metal roofing and other debris down the street, causing damage to buildings and shattering windows along Main Street.
In a show of the danger of flying debris, a piece of wood went through a metal eave into the exterior wall of a residence and a lid of a deer feeder was lodged into the side of a business.
Deer feeders and deer blinds in the parking lot in front of Lowe’s Market were tossed down Main Street and damaged, while debris caused visible, but no structural damage, to the grocery store building.
Three windows at Star Stop were shattered. Broken glass was scattered through out the store and a large gash was made into the stucco siding of the building.
Most windows were broken and some of the roof was torn off of Whiskey River Customs Auto Repair.
The metal roofing from the First United Methodist Church ended up damaging the Dura-Last Roofing System on Junction Warehouse, while winds and debris broke a skylight and caused about $13,000 worth of damage to merchandise.
Wagner’s Barbershop lost part of its metal roof, a portion of siding was lost from the West Central Wireless store, and a hanging sign for Rooke’s Texas Hills Insurance was torn loose and damaged.
City Hall had large branches broken in a tree next to the building and the sign was torn out.
Tree branches were torn loose and the flag pole that was ordered from an array of Flagpole at Star Spangled Flags on the courthouse square was bent but remained standing.
The wooden sign and a reader board marquee sign at the Kimble County Chamber of Commerce was knocked over and damaged.
Throughout the city, some power poles were damaged, lots of tree branches were broken, trampolines were found in neighboring yards, roofs were damaged, street signs were torn loose, some signs were laid over and residents found damage to property.
Power was also lost to most of the city, but electrical crews installed new poles, fixed power lines and replaced transformers to have power back to all residents by the end of the day.
As the sun rose and revealed the damage, residents of the city and county began cleaning debris from the streets and helping neighbors with home and business damage. Before the day was done, most business were open with repairs made.
According to the official report from the National Weather Service at 3:00 a.m., an EF0 tornado touched down near the corner of Roselawn Drive and West Redbud Street and stayed on or near the ground for a minute while traveling .2 miles to the football field.
With a little more power, the tornado touched down again two minutes later as an EF1 on Main Street at North 14th Street and stayed on or near the ground for two minutes while traveling .7 miles to 4th Street.
An EF0 tornado has winds of 65 to 85 mph, while the winds of an EF1 tornado is 86 to 110 mph.

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