Protect our community

It’s Time to Act. Protect Yourself. Protect our Community:

Over the past few weeks there have been many changes in our lives that seem to be fighting a distant cause. I have heard several people express their frustration with social distancing, and many people who have already given up. Until now, it has largely been a problem of bigger cities. We still have no confirmed cases in Kimble county, but the virus is moving our way.

San Angelo now has 21 confirmed cases. Kerr County and Gillespie County announced their first confirmed cases last week. Coronavirus case numbers are rapidly increasing in Texas, meaning our chances of exposure are also rapidly increasing. The first peak of illness in Texas is projected to occur over the next three to four weeks. Think of the last two weeks as practice. The next four weeks will tell how well we can protect our community.

What should you do now? Coronavirus begins spreading before you have symptoms. If you wait until you feel sick to distance yourself, you will get others sick. If you only distance yourself from people who look sick, you are putting yourself and your families at risk. Now is the time to avoid social gatherings and close contacts outside of the home. This includes your extended family as well. In other countries, spread between family members has been identified as a primary source of infection. Only visit public establishments if you have to. Wash your hands before you go in and after you go out. Maintain at least six feet from others, further if possible. The CDC now advises everyone to wear masks in public. Don’t be afraid to do so. We ask that you reserve medical masks for medical workers, there are number of homemade masks that are also effective.

When you take these precautions, you are protecting yourself and others. By the numbers, you are more likely to come into contact with someone who has mild symptoms than someone who looks sick. This is why it is hard to stop the spread of Coronavirus. We are not asking people to live in fear, we are asking all of you to help protect our community by limiting interaction. This is not forever, but it is very important right now.

If you have any health concerns please contact your clinic. We are all seeing patients through televideo systems or by phone call, whether your concern is blood pressure or Coronavirus. We are here to help, but the most important medical treatment for our community at this time is to prevent spread into the community and then from one community member to the next.

Be Boring for Junction. Stay at home. WASH YOUR HANDS FREQUENTLY AND COVER YOUR FACE! We will let you know if there are confirmed cases in our community, but they are likely to be here before we know it.

Submitted by Jay Jackson, MD

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