Meanderings – March 20, 2019

Again, Kimble County Historical Commission reminds everyone of the invitation to attend the Grand Opening of the new and expanded historical museum. The event will be Saturday afternoon, March 23, from 2:00 to 5:00 o’clock. It will be a “come-and-go or stay longer” occasion, and we hope to see you then and there!
Sometimes it is difficult to realize the new year of 2019 is rapidly advancing. Wednesday, March 20, marks the date for the Vernal (or Spring) Equinox, when the day and night are the same length. It is also the date for a March full moon, and I suggest you get out your fishing pole, since the event is known as the “Worm” moon.
Sincere condolences are extended to friends who have been bereft of loved ones in recent days. Richard Carl Happner, Jr. passed away March 9, and services were Thursday, March 14, in Rockport.
Josefina Valdez Hernandez died Tuesday, March 5, and interment was March 11 in the Little Mexico Cemetery in northeast Junction.
Although Junction is not located in “Tornado Alley”, our township made national news last week when a night-time tornado/wind-shear left some devastation in its path. In the olden days, a similar weather event was known as a cyclone.
I recall when some persons believed a tornado was unlikely here because of our area’s surrounding of hills. That theory has been debunked. Others reflected an ominous foreboding, thinking if a tornado dipped into our valley, it could not find its way out.
Nevertheless, according to local history, this is not the first time the Methodist congregation has suffered a loss to its church. On July 7, 1894, just 125 years ago, the late John C. Kountz noted in his diary, “Cyclone and rain in Junction. Blew down the Methodist Church and damaged the Baptist Church and some residences.” The late Mary Lanan Bissett recalled, “We children were in the church, practicing for a children’s day. Suddenly there came the terrible roar of a violent wind. Miss Gertrude Ridley, the organist, told the children to get under the organ for protection. We did and no one was hurt but Miss Ridley, whose arm was broken when the roof caved in. The adults had crawled under the pews for safety.”
It is well to note, that in 1894, the Methodist Church, a small frame structure, was located on the east side of present-day 8th Street between the current Main and College Streets. The building had been constructed utilizing second-hand lumber and volunteer labor. The name of the church was Methodist Episcopal Church, South – Junction City Mission.
It is interesting that land for the Spring Creek Cemetery in Gillespie County was given to the Methodist-Episcopal Church, North.
An e-mail communiqué’ from Claudia Wilson of Bethlehem, New Jersey, brought news she and Keith hope to be in Junction for the opening of the Kimble County Historical Museum. Claudia is a descendant of the late Horace B. and Stella Graham Wilson.
Charles Byrd of Fredericksburg and a friend are planning to be among those in attendance at the March 23 event. Charles is a descendant of the late Daniel Bird (note the spelling.)
Bob and Bonnie Amaon of Frisco, Texas, are among others who plan to attend the Museum’s event.
Charlotte and John Rohowetz spent the weekend with me, and John succeeded in disposing of glass shards left behind when the outer door to my home office suffered damage during the weather episode.
In an evening electronic message from Pete Rose, he sent information that he and Alice plan to participate in the 700 Springs event. He will bring his map and a couple of additional items for his presentation.
Out-of-town visitors during the week at the historical museum registered from Globe, Arizona, and San Antonio and Leander, Texas.
Some important dates for the historical commission members and other interested persons to note on their calendars: April 13 – Museum reception following Texas Ranger cross dedication for William D. Felps; April 27 – Annual trip to 700 Springs; May 4 – Edwards Plateau Historical Association meeting – San Saba; May 10 – Welcoming of Texas Pecos Trail Caravan; May 15 – Memorial Service for Local Fallen Peace Officers; May 27 – Memorial Day.
Thank you for reading “Meanderings”!

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