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    Easter Message

    Easter. The very word brings hope to all, each and every year. It is the unofficial beginning of spring, which brings about warmer weather, greener pastures, and wildflowers that fill the fields. It is a beautiful picture…

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    An aged Mesquite in my backyard has begun the annual process of producing green leaves, renewing the legend another winter season is now history. As another Holy Season approaches, we pause to pray for an end to…

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    …from the Library

    Count Rambo was no more, or so I initially thought. Sitting up here in my office Saturday evening minding my own business and practicing social distancing better than just about anyone, the power flickered briefly before completely…

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    The backstory

    These are difficult times, for a humor writer. In the midst of a global pandemic, with a relatively large percentage of the world’s population getting sick, and some actually dying from the disease, it seems callous and…

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    Weekly Message

    In times of uncertainty, many things in our lives become less stable, and it seems like we find ourselves trying to maintain enough balance just to feel secure. We are living in one of those times right…

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